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Take laundry off the to-do list and your mind forever. Our easy scheduling pickup and delivery laundry services are your new best friend.

Laundry. It's in the details

Customize your order with your favorite fabric softeners, stain removers, laundry soap, folding preferences and we’ll take it from there.


Baby clothes, athletic uniforms, student laundry, Grandma’s quilt – we clean everything as if it were our own.


Laundry Done Right offers a full complement of wash, dry, fold and  commercial laundry services.

Wash & Fold

Fresh and folded right every time. Trust us with a little or a lot, we promise a top notched experience.


There’s a laundry-free world a click away.

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You’re minutes away from never doing laundry again.

Choose a Plan

Choose what works for you. We offer weekly or by request pickups.


You have control of everything. Tell us your soap, washing, and drying preferences and we’ll take it from there.


Read a book. Get outside. Play with the kids. Grab a drink with friends. See a movie. We’ll take it from here.


Click, Tap or Text

We will send you a link the day before we are in your area and it’s as easy as a tap or click to schedule a new pick up and delivery.

Want to manage multiple pickup days? No problem. Just log into your account and schedule pickups up to two weeks in advance.

Already on a pre-planned weekly schedule? Simply leave your laundry at the pickup spot and we’ll pick up and deliver clean clothes shortly.

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